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Marvici Media|Digital Media

Marvici Media's sole purpose is providing a digital median that focuses on pure entertainment. Not only that, we strive to keep it completely free and enjoyable for all. Whether you are looking for a talk show/podcast, prank call show, gaming, music, discussions on current events & pop culture, we plan to offer a plethora of content and not single out any possibility for your viewing/listening pleasure. 

Our goal is to eventually have our content streaming 24/7 so no matter your schedule, you will be able to tune in with us!!!


  • Just Being Frank - Every Thursday @ 8:00pm (Eastern Time Zone)

  • FrankPranks - RETURNING SOON!!!

  • MADgaming - COMING SOON!!!

If so, we may be interested in talking to you! With the aggressive goal of having a non-stop, around the clock live streaming channel, we will be looking to add other shows of all different natures to our line-up. What could this mean for you? Being a part of continuously growing entertainment company that will draw a larger audience to your content for starters. Also, having a team that is dedicated to your success!

E-mail with your contact info, a description of what you do/want to do, and exampled of previous work/content you have created, and any other pertinent information. Everyone inquiry will be viewed and considered.

Are you a content creator?

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